Cable Management Systems

Lighting systems

UL Standard Conduit RGS
UL Standard Conduit

(EMT-IMC-RGS) according to NEC, ANSI & UL standards all the required sized of EMT, IMC & RGS. Aluminum Conduits are also included within the range to meet the project specifications. Conduit body & weather proof box.

Non Mettalic
Electrical Flexible conduits

According to NEC, ANSI & UL standards (Metallic and Non-Metallic) and Liquid-tight flexible conduits, Squeeze Connector, liquid Tight Connector.

Conduits Fittings

All the range of conduit fittings for PVC, EMT, IMC, RGS and flexible Conduits according to the American standards and UL listed. Fittings for ordinary and Hazard locations are available (Elbows, couplings, adaptors. Junction boxes, straps, spacers, Clamp. etc)


Lighting and wiring protection system